I have been involved in cycling in one way or another for half of my life.Riding, in business and organizing races. One of them the Andes Epi cis a three stage mountain Bike race with 800 riders from 12 countries. The other is the Grab Fondo Sierra Nevada with great reviews. I had the opportunity of traveling to Europe and ride with organized tours and I enjoyed them very much. Its always amazing to ride on new roads with different sceneries than what you usually do. When I moved to Spain two years ago I decided I wanted to set up a company that would offer cycling enthusiasts the same opportunity and enjoy a destination that is the logical step before heading to the Alps, Pyrenees and Dolomites.

We have three destinations: Mallorca, Mallorca 312 y Andalucia (pueblos blancos)
Our mission is that YOU want to return year after year. JOIN THE BREAKAWAY


Offers athletes interested in healthy Nutrition a broad line of products to help them reach their goals.
Weeklong rides with training and altitude camps. We will take you where all the famous Colombian climbers have trained to become the best. We also ride up the world’s longest climb. The 81 km Alto de Letras.


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